The new colored Nike Mars Yard 2.0 is exposed with details of the real object?! When will it be for sale?

With the second lot of union sneakers of Tom Sachs and Nike for sale in May, the unique design of the space cover out the sneaker makes its fans both praise and criticize the sneaker. When people are looking forward the new colored Mars Yard 2.0 by the famous artist Tom Sachs and Nike Brand, someone abroad has exposed the new colored Nike Mars Yard 2.0. in the picture, Nike Mars Yard 2.0 still uses brown and white as its main tone, and the royal blue Swoosh is used as decoration. The sneaker in the exposed picture is worn by Ben Kirschner, the designer of Nike, in the ComplexCon activity. Since the new colored Nike Mars Yard 2.0 has been exposed, do you think its sales would still be far?

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